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Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
't want a trojan horse delivering china steel and chinamen. >> just fyi i don't think anybody is using chinamen anymore. the only people eligible are u.s. and canadian workers. the united states steelworks support this project. do you think they would support a project that uses chinese steel. >> why are they pushing a proposal that allows michigan to veto the second bridge. in fact, this sweet old detroit businessman is paying for commercials warning people. >> there's always hidden costs. >> somebody is going to pay for that bridges and it's going to be our children. >> come to think of it, why does he care so much? >> the 258th richest man in the united states is the owner of ambassador bridge and has been since, i think 1977. >> you are tell meg that one man owns the ambassador bridge. >> yes. >> you think i'm stupid? >> i don't think you are stupid at all. it's a fact. >> you think i'm sort of an (bleep), don't you? >> i don't know how to make it clearer one man opens the most important border crossing in north america. who let that happen? the voters of detroit. they allowed a pr
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Jan 7, 2013 10:30am PST
's name are those two naked people? that's, uh, mr. and mrs. dish. get out. hi, papi. f.y.i., i fired the cashier and the person that made the scrambled eggs. their accents were unintelligible. what are you talking about? oh, it's one of the benefits of you being the chief of medicine. i can fire people under your auspices. also, i didn't have to pay for food. i got three steaks! jordan, that's ri-- give me one of these. why isn't he in preschool right now? oh. 'cause he told me they have the day off for yom kipper. yom kippur was six months ago. i hate school! never been more proud of you. (lowered voice) here's the, uh, password to my webcam. i think you're gonna dig it. (groans) oh, babe, you got a little smoodge there. uh-oh. what is that? strawberry jam? nah. just a little blood from shaving. oh, sweetie. oh, don't worry. i wasn't shaving myself. say, jack, don't you think your mom should be just a little embarrassed that she's constantly being outwitted by a 4-year-old? i hate school! i remember. can you please not be a jackass in front of the help? i'm gonna get going. okay. we
Jan 16, 2013 1:30am PST
thank you. [applause] two to three minutes goes really fast and that was a little over, just fyi. superintendent. >> don't start the clock yet. thanks. again i want to thank everyone for being here this morning and this morning i said "welcome to a sunny day in september" and many of you didn't believe me and i want to thank you all for being here and in my comments at the beginning i spoke of the wonderful experience and having 3,000 opportunities yesterday see "bully" the movie. i spoke of all of the administrators seeing "bully" when they came back from summer break and develop their plans on their campuses here, so i would like to go deeper and talk about a couple of things and before that i appreciate what rosylyn and the previous panel said about the term "bullying" and run the risk of it meaning something generic and meaningless and the word of the day, so let's talk about what it is. it's assault. sometimes it's aggravated assault. it's kidnapping. it's coercion of human rights. it's stalking. these are different pictures when you think about it in those terms.
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
? or will others on the right convince the party faithful that they're wrong? ofa-fyi. a new new developments today with the newly created group. it's their desire to push the president's agenda in the second term. find out how powerful this massive database of names could be in shaping policy. and geithner's good-bye. the former head of the treasury opens up. >> good morning from washington. it's monday, january 28th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i am about an 80% version of my vocal cord version of chuck todd's. let's goat my first reads. an impressive bipartisan group of senators will outline an immigration reform plan that include as pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented immigrants. of all the things on the horizon in the next six months, this was always the easiest for one big reason -- republicans have an incentive to get it done as well as democrats. the working group of eight senators includes democrats durbin, schumer, menendez, bennett and republicans mccain, graham, rubio and flake. florida doesn't border on another country but you get my drift. it's an impre
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Jan 3, 2013 10:00am PST
's in 40 million households, only 42,000 people are watching on a given night. that's not good. fyi being in the cable world, i can tell you. and so he sold it, which is a business decision, not a bad idea. now, they say glenn beck tried to buy it. but stuart, he didn't want to sell it to glenn beck because he felt that that would not be ideologically pure. >> right. >> megyn: they wanted the purchaser to be in line with their own, current tv's, ideology, so they went with al-jazeera. >> right. current tv rebuffed glenn beck and said we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view. glenn apparently is not of the same point of view as current tv. >> megyn: that's true. but al-jazeera. >> right. al-jazeera raised our eyebrows, al, mr. gore, tries to sell this thing before december 31st because he's going to make a profit of on his stake. >> megyn: how much. >> don't know, but he's going to take 100 million out of the 500 million dollar sale price because he owns 20%. >> megyn: that's his share, 100 million dollars. >> not all of that is profit, but he will have made a profit
FOX News
Jan 9, 2013 10:00am PST
'm not trying to indict the wife, but she would have been the one to say look, he just won the lotto, fyi. she says she was not the one to ask for another look at the autopsy results. all we know it's a relative and police are not identifying the relative. i don't know if they know and not telling us or they don't know, how important is that relative now to this case? >> well, it's very important and i believe they do know. they wrote a search warrant, so, it's -- if they know the person, they could be a reliable informant, although confidential, and they could keep that under their hat. if it is just a call, an anonymous informant, to be so intrusive without other evidence would be difficult. >> megyn: very interesting. poor man. boy, oh, boy. you hear about bad things happening to lottery winners, but that's-- mark, thanks for being here. coming up, lance armstrong lost his title, his sponsorships and his reputation in a massive scandal over performance enhancing drugs and he's now apparently going on oprah to tell his side of the story. there are some reports there will be a confession of s
Jan 11, 2013 9:00am EST
? >> that work continues. i do not anticipate that we are going to change our position from the president's fyi 13 budget to terminate the c 27 program. i don't think we are going to revisit that the we're focused on this group mostly on what to do about additional aircraft authorized by congress and we are developing courses of action appropriately to address that. i don't think we are going to revisit the c 27 issue. >> national defence magazine. the air force was criticized by several members of congress that in the last few months when spending $1 billion, on something that was canceled, can you tell me what steps you might be taking now to prevent those in the future with major acquisitions? $1 billion of budget cuts seems like a lot of money wasted on a single program. >> there are important lessons learned from the css and we are trying to apply that going forward. we have other enterprise resources programs related to new budget systems and new personnel systems that are making some progress and are coming along. ecss lost confidence in the ability of that program and that contractor to
Jan 17, 2013 6:00am PST
expect? >> stephanie: right. and by the way another fyi, george w. bush also called for an assault weapon's ban. >> in the first four years of his administration president obama did more to expand handgun ownership. these are normal rational things and you have nothing to fear. >> yes, but he's black. >> stephanie: all right. ollie north on nra news radio. >> it is now going to be done by executive action. >> shocking! >> that's contrary to my understanding of what the constitution is all about. and i think it's contrary and foreign to most of us. when he raise that right hand and take that oath we don't pledge to a political party, to an individual, unlike many other countries around the world. what we have done is we have now decided that one man can decide what is or isn't legal under certain circumstances. >> yeah. >> i think that civil libertarians, and by the way the national rifle association is one of the greatest protectors of civil liberties that has ever existed on the planet earth. >> of course if you have been shot in the face your civil liberties -- >>
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
of a priority but it is now. they do not seem to make that part of their request during fyi 12 it should not be a vehicle for late spending. amendment 51 cuts $3 million from fish and wildlife service to underscore those roads that even though there is $3 million allocated it is only at 650,000 it is unacceptable to say give me the money now. we will tell you later. congress has a responsibility to hold the money until it can be justified. cutting issue walleyes service in west virginia it was not damaged but seeking to upgrade the backup generators to give full power to all buildings during an outage. it is good but not in the emergency spending. we can provide that if necessary. the facility was not designed to shelter in place. inclosing a recognized the value of preventative medicine bridal send my patients to the emergency room. that is what we're doing. >> chairman i have to amendments. [inaudible] and also the amendment to mr. rogers of kentucky. both of them provide a source for funding for the money spent for disaster relief caused by hurricane sandy but to it cuts into foreign
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)